Breaking boundaries

Breaking boundaries. This is what I will remember the past year for.

Having lived in a foreign land, I was again pushed out of my comfort zone. But one positive thing about this is that you can also forget all the boundaries that (Philippine) society has forced on you. Like avoiding strangers. Little by little, I opened up to strangers. I will never forget the smile of the German girl when I offered her a tissue when it ran out in the bathroom. Nor the surprise of the man begging in the Boutonnet station, the gratitude of the woman holding a “J’ai faim” sign in the Paris métro, the happiness in the face of the man playing a violin in Leipzig. And the man in Munich who approached me and who, I later on discovered, loved the Philippines! I have these memories now because I chose to open up and trust the goodness in others. Happy that I did so!

I realized that other boundaries, like culture, religion, social status, are all self-imposed. And if they are self-imposed, then they can be “self-removed”. My life has been irreversibly changed by this realization and I am hoping it is for the better.


I read this somewhere in Facebook 🙂

2016 is going to be an EPIC year for me, most of you know why. It is still hazy, but I will not be anxious. Again, I will choose to trust, as I did last year, knowing that what’s better always lies ahead of us, not behind us.

I wish you all a blessed and peace-filled year!! / Mapagpala at Manigong Bagong Taon!! / Bonne Année à tous!!

– diwata sa balete